Full Coverage Cross Country Two Piece Skid Plate Kit

Full Coverage Cross Country Two Piece Skid Plate Kit

Full Coverage Cross Country Two Piece Skid Plate Kit

We used the concept of our original Two Piece Skid Plate to create our NEW REV XP Cross Country Skid Plate System. The New Two Piece Kit offers the same coverage as the original but with 20% weight savings and more strength thanks to its updated shape.

The RPM Composites’ REV XP Two-Piece Skid Plate System is the ultimate Skid Plate Package! It offers ballistic grade protection to your REV XP from the front bumper to under your boots and everything in between.

Kit package includes our Belly/Drivetrain Skid Plate which offers total coverage to the bulkhead, bulkhead bracket, coolant line, exhaust tip, primary clutch, front heat exchanger, chain case and brake case. The Kit also includes our Cross Country Front Cowl/A-Arm Chassis Plate. The Front Skid Plate offers a 3-D shape that wraps around the front cowl like a glove and like no other skid plate! Like our Belly Skid the Front Skid Plate is constructed from carbon fiber, Kevlar®, and woven fiberglass. The symmetrically shaped strength ribs and ultra smooth polished surface of the Front Skid Plate add incredible strength on impacts and flotation in deep snow conditions. Flotation is key and this is a simple non-bulky design that works!

Mounting of the Cross Country Skid Plate is very simple and extremely heavy duty. The Front Skid Plate fastens to the Belly/Drivetrain Skid Plate independently via our exclusive 4 point mounting system. The Front Skid Plate also mounts to the front cowl through provided pre-drilled hole locations in the Front Skid Plate. Skid Plate kit includes comprehensive mounting instructions and high quality German metric fasteners.

The RPM Composites’ Cross Country Skid Plate Kit offers the best protection your sled can get. It covers every vulnerable system, it is lightweight, extremely durable, and easy to install.

Please Note: The size of the skid plate box is considered oversized by UPS & USPS. Average cost domestic shipping is $45-$90. Average cost Canada $75-$115. These are very reasonable prices in the shipping world. Shipping charges will be added to your order total.

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