Polaris RMK Proride 2011-2015 Skidplate Set

Skidplate Set RMK Proride 2011-2015


Polaris RMK Proride 2011-2015 Skidplate Set


Coverage areas include nosecone, A-Arm bosses, aluminum underbelly, front heat exchanger, primary clutch, exhaust muffler, muffler tip, belt drive system, right and left footwell.

Skid plates are constructed from carbon fiber, Kevlar, epoxy and woven e-glass.
Skidplates are designed to take abuse from rocks and logs. They also provide flotation by smoothing out the bottom of your machine.

Kit includes 3-piece chassis skid plates, mounting hardware and instructions.


Please Note: The size of the skid plate box is considered oversized by UPS & USPS. Average cost domestic shipping is $45-$90. Average cost Canada $75-$115. These are very reasonable prices in the shipping world. Shipping charges will be added to your order total.

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