XU Chassis Skidplate

XU Chassis Expedition Extreme/SE/LE

Underbelly/Drive Train Skidplate


Skidplate protects fragile underbelly components from rocks, logs, stumps and ice. Coverage areas include bulkhead, drive clutch, front heat exchanger, chain case, and brake case.  Skidplate ranges in thickness from 1/4” in the front to 3/8” in the rear.  Skidplate is constructed of carbon fiber, Kevlar, woven e-glass, and epoxy. This is the strongest product we have ever produced!


Please Note: The size of the skid plate box is considered oversized by UPS & USPS. Average cost domestic shipping is $45-$90. Average cost Canada $75-$115. These are very reasonable prices in the shipping world. Shipping charges will be added to your order total.

Price $749.00
SKU 03-034

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